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As a medical student I was taught to treat symptoms and as a medical doctor I am often forced to treat symptoms. However, I also teach my patients to bring their bodies into balance with nature and the environment for optimum health, life and longevity with the highest quality of life possible.

I believe that the human body is a perfect system that must be balanced with nature and the environment. However, the rates of cancer and disease have risen to alarming rates -- and other previously rare illnesses are becoming increasingly common. These facts indicate that our bodies are not in balance with nature or the environment.

Others have recognized my efforts because I have received numerous awards for my work over the years -- such as my work reversing the effects of scars, burns and keloids. Many of which were thought to be previously untreatable.

Additionally, through my work and my beliefs, I have developed several proprietary products and services -- products such as my proprietary and patented gel that has successfully reversed many types of hair loss in thousands of my patients. My patent can be viewed at Patent # 6344448 .

Building Health Within

Through Ayurvedic beliefs and routines, I was able to gain my health back, and observed many patients return to better health. The most consistent finding was weight loss. Based on dietary modifications, proper sleep, personal herbal preparations and, the belief that the answer lies within, can bring about results only nature can provide.


After years of almost daily exercise; running four to five miles and weight lifting, it wasn’t until I was introduced to ayurvedic medicine that I was able to lose weight. I lost 25 pounds in the first 3 months.


After practicing Ayurveda, I have lost over 70 pounds in twelve Months. I was 246 lbs. Now I am 176 lbs. I didn’t have to take any medication or do any surgery. I was in a size 24 and I am now in a size 12. I am still coming down by doing natural remedies.


In the past few years I suffered from constant bloating. I was unable to sleep at night. After one month of trying the ayurvedic detox program, the bloating stopped, and I was able to sleep all night. I also lost 7 pounds.

–G. E.

I have tried everything imaginable for weight loss to no avail. Once I understand that I have everything I need, but just in a damage state, I was able to reverse my state of health and my body was able to fix itself.